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Hensel -vs- Pocket Wizard


Yes I agree, when your right your right your points are well taken. All I would gain from the pocket wizard would be in the meter read only, the rest are all in the other direction... As for the rest I will wait for the Porty System and get the integra 500 now and go portable down the road. I do have a Port/Gen if I need AC On-Site as well as a large 12-120 inverter for car/Truck so for now I am all set, Thanks for the feed back..


Originally Posted by ffppro
Although the pocket wizard is the industry standard wireless trigger, when you are investing in to a system that has a native wireless trigger capability you should go with it.

I have had the pleasure of using the pocket wizard on many shoots and found it to be a great reliable tool. However I do own the hensel lights with the build it trigger receiver and I find it a lot more useful. Besides not having to have extra wires and batteries for the receivers, the transmitter is smaller then the pocket wizard and also has remote management capabilities for the lights. You can control the power output of each of the lights by using the hensel wireless trigger. You can also use it to turn your modeling lights on and off.

So use the hensel system to wireless control your hensel lights, and if you ever go to some other light system that does not have a native trigger, then switch over to Pocket Wizard.

Just my 2c
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