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01-06-2008, 01:17 PM
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If you go to your local news stand and grab a copy of FHM / Cosmo / Maxum / Whatever and look at the catch lights in the model's eyes, 90% of the time you will find more then 1 catch light. There is no problem with having multiple catch lights in either fashion or glamour shoots. I don't do commercial shoots, but I would assume that the same goes for commercial work.

Bill: In my opinion, the original picture does not warrant retouching. It's a plain and simple commercial shot, although too soft for my taste. Also, white balance is way off. Apply some Unsharp mask and fix the WB using the background as your reference.

Also, when you upload pictures to the site, resize them to fit in a 800 x 800 box (longest side 800) for it to be viewable properly.
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