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01-15-2008, 03:53 PM
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Originally Posted by ffppro
#1: The crop is too aggressive. Tight crops are good, but you are too close on this one. The lighting in this shot is the best out of all the others. By the catch lights I can see that you are using umbrellas. I know that the kit that you bought came with a small softbox. Try the box for nicer shadows. Also, this image is very soft. I am not sure if it was shot soft or it's just your post processing, but it's soft.
Originally Posted by ffppro
I have to agree, the crop is a bit too tight and focus is a touch soft. Lighting here is the best of the four, but I'd like have to have seen a bit more contrast between the two light sources.

Originally Posted by ffppro
#2: Not bad. The lighting is a bit on a flat side for my taste. I am also not happy with the pose or the composition. The left shoulder is too far forward for this pose, and the head is overly tilted.
Lighting is definately flat, there should (almost) always be a full stop difference between your key and fill lights. The pose woul have worked better with her head tilted the other direction but I thing the shoulder being further back would have helped. This is something you'll both learn through goofing up and practice!

Originally Posted by ffppro
#3: The lighting is very flat. More contrast between the main and the fill is needed. The pose is not very flattering to Lisa. Her hips should be at about a 45 degree angle to the camera to make her look a bit skinnier. This pose makes her look like she has a beer belly. Last but not least: GET RID OF THE HAIR TIE ON HER WRIST! PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS!!!
Yeah, I'm gonna have to go with Igor on this one too. I think I'd just lose this shot alltogether or crop it in tighter (just head and shoulders and rotate it a bit counter clockwise to counteract some of the head tilt. Again I thing leaning her head ther other direction would have worked better.

#4: You cut the poor kid's fingers off! The lighting is once again flat. The composition and cropping is way off. Don't cut off fingers and toes. Don't crop at joints (elbows, wrists, knees, ankles), it makes your models look like amputees.
Yeah big huge NO NO on the cropping at joints. Here again this pic might be saved with a tigher crop. Get rid of the hands alltogether and lock in on their faces plus that'll help some with the general flatness of the lighting. The contrast can be punched up some in PS, but you have to be careful with that.

I am not that familiar with Hensel lights myself but there are some things that are universal. If you are having trouble with being able to dial power to different settings remember the Inverse Square Law of Light. If you have two lights at the same power and one is four feet from your subject and the other is eight feet from the subject the eight foot one will provide half the light of the four foot one.