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01-25-2008, 07:19 AM
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I personally have 2 separate set-ups that you would consider "portable studios"

1. I bought the Hensel Porty Plus Premium Kit. 3 500 w/s monolights, stands, umbrellas, soft box, reflectors, etc... Combining this with a portable background stand, a larger (40" by 60") softbox, and a beauty dish, makes for a great set up to take with you. When I am shooting anywhere where there is power available, I can set up in 15 to 20 minutes, and be up and running. The kit even comes in 2 travel cases, and packs up very neatly.

2. My 2nd set up is the Hensel Porty Plus Premium kit. It's a 1200 w/s battery powered kit. The kit came with a power pack, 2 batteries, a charger, a 1200 w/s head, stand, etc... I added another 1200 w/s head, a beauty dish, and a large softbox. This is my "outdoor" shooting rig. Again, I can pack everything up in to 2 Hensel bags, and be ready to go in minutes. The batteries last up to 300 shots each, for a combined total of about 600 shots. And with a total output of 1200 w/s with 2 heads I am pushing 600 w/s in to each head!

I also added a Hensel Porty Ringflash to my battery powered set up. Now most of my outdoor shoots consist of ONLY the Porty Battery Pack and the Ring Flash. With 1200 W/S coming out of the ring flash, I use the sun / ambient light for highlights. With this much power coming out from around the lens, there is no need for fill, or reflectors.

Keep in mind that this is not cheap stuff, and combined cost me over $7,000.

Hope this helps.
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