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01-25-2008, 06:39 PM
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Wow would love to spend 7,000 on equipment but I am limited by the fact that I am Soldier so limited budget so I drool every time I look at equipment saving up for the upgrade to the 5d right now shooting on a 20d I bought three years ago and paid the same as what a 5d is going for now and I have a few lens and some props I am building slowly ! I love the great advise but I was thinking along the lines of this
PRO 3 LIGHT STUDIO FLASH/STROBE 480 W/S - eBay (item 190190868822 end time Jan-25-08 08:45:10 PST)

Tell me please what you think( I did write down the other info to see how much I could do the hensel light set for but that will take time..
thanks so much for the quick response..