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02-24-2008, 12:39 PM
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The main reason for the 303 Head is it allows the camera to rotate around the Nodal Point of the lens rather that around the film plane of the camera that a regular head will do. (I suppose with these DSLRs I should call it Sensor Plane?)

The importance of rotating around the nodal point is that nothing will appear to move in the sequence of shots. To see what I mean look through your camera outside (or even inside) and rotate around you'll see stuff in the background appear to slide from one side to the other instead of remaining in place. (It is particulary noticable if done with a video camera)

Now having said all that. You could probably get away with using the other tripod head if you are careful and if this is going to be only an occasional thing. (The A3D software is very forgiving) But you may have to go in and manually align the individual images from time to time which is not too difficult.

So the real questions are how often do you see yourself doing this? and will you recover the $ spend?