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02-25-2008, 02:13 AM
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What you may be thinking of is a "photobubble" which provides 360 Spherical views (except straight down where the tripod is) whereas what I do is a 360 Panorama (Conical) Image. for a photobubble you are looking more at IPix or something along those lines. Thus far every program that makes photobubbles that I have run into uses "keys" to save and publish the images. Keyed software in my opinion is a huge rip-off because you have to keep on buying keys every time you want to save a finished image. I looked at IPix when I first started thinking about doing this and actually still have an Olympus set up to do photobubbles (admittedly it is a 1.3 Mpxl camera).

Most real estate work is now done with the Conical set up. Bogen does make a version of the QTVR head that can do Sphericals but I haven't played with that yet. Maybe I can check one out when PMA comes here to Orlando next.