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02-25-2008, 06:01 PM
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Originally Posted by bill schuman
Does the Panorama have to be 12 shots of can less or more be stitched together, I had a concept come to mind last night for a full body sweep front and back vertical or horizontal.
No it doesn't HAVE to be 12 shots, that is just what I found to be Ideal for how I do the shoots. 10 verticle was too few and 18 verticale was too many and the 303 head is set up to do 10/12/18/24 in sequence. the advantage of more shots is smoother stitching, but the disadvantage is much longer stitching times. a 12 shot panoram in the dimensions I gave you takes about three min to stitch, an 18 shot takes close to six. so you can see if you are doing multiples like I do (The biggest run in one day was 36 Panos) the difference in time can stack up. Now I have had on occasion need to stitch Hig Rez files and yikes that takes some time. a Single full rez 8 Mpxl panorama with 12 shots takes about an 3/4 hour to stitch. I'm not sure what you mean by a "full body sweep front and back" so I cannot answer that.