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02-28-2008, 05:06 PM
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Originally Posted by bill schuman
Just thinking out-loud of taking this technology and instead of taking shots of rooms and buildings do this with a model standing or laying down and shoot 12 shots from low front to low back or left to right pan around the model in 12 shots. Then stitch them together and you can view the model completely as if you had walked around the model looking her over.. just a crazy concept.

Not so crazy as you might think. If you check out you'll find just that. The software I use can be used to create 3D Virtual Objects (as seen on my website) and they sell a big motorized turntable that you hook up to you studio lights and camera (for about 3 Grand...) and it does all the shots automagically with the model holding pose.

If I could find enough models interested in doing it and in coughing up some upfront $ i'd get that setup in a heartbeat!