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02-28-2008, 10:42 PM
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Originally Posted by JCI
I also shoot 360 tours on a regular basis. I built my own head with raw materials from the local hardware store for about $6.50. It was difficult to get things to hold enough weight using nuts, bolts, and lockwashers, so I ended up braising things together with a map torch.

I also sell a 360 degree lens that is great for small online tour windows, but obviously if you are using your sensor 12 times instead of one, you will get better images which is preferred for full screen display modes.
Then you are handier than I am. I can make things with wood or plactic, but working with metal is something I am not too good at. I used a BeHere lens for a while which shot a full 360 in one take then had to unspool the donut shaped image later. It worked ok, but as you observed the 12 shots makes for Higher quality. I have actually had a customer print one of my 360's (Special request before I shot it so I did it in HiRes to begin with) as an 16X80 print!

So what kind of lens is it you sell?