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The decision you have to make is which glass you want to go with. The camera bodies change quickly, and you will be upgrading them often. The glass will remain with you for years.

I started in digital in the Nikon realm. First I was using the D70, and then upgraded to d200. I am glad that I have not made a big investment in to Nikon glass, since after a while I realized that there is a lens from Canon that I just cant live with out. So I had to sell off all my Nikon stuff, and got me all Canon Stuff, body and lenses.

It would have been much easier if I was using Canon all along, because all I would have had to do is change my body.

In my opinion Canon makes better equipment, although Nikon makes great stuff too.

All that said, I have used both the XTi and the D40, and I think that the D40 is a toy, and you should stay away. Nikon makes some great cameras but the D40 is just not one of them. It's a cheap piece of plastic with a cheap lens. On the other hand the XTi is a nice entry level DSLR.

BUT do not buy the XTi! Canon is about to ship the XSi, which is a major improvement over the XTi. 12 Pixies, 3rd generation processor, 3 inch screen, automatic dust removal.... This thing is going to be sweet.

Hope this helps.
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