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04-08-2008, 01:18 PM
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First off, I do agree that this thread did belong in the "Rants and Flames" section of the site.

Unfortunately that is the only thing I agree with you on.

I no way did I want this thread to turn in to the old argument on who pays, the photgrapher or the model. This thread was supposed to be about acting professional and honoring your commitments.

BUT, since we are on the subject, let me beat the dead horse.

In today's day and age of America's Next Top Model, every young pretty girl considers herself a model. Just look on MM and OMP, and look at the number of cell phone pictures people post in their "portfolios". Furthermore this delusion is further fanned by "nice look" and "great shot" comments that are posted on these girl's profiles by all the GWCs out there, who are only looking to hook up with pretty girls, and are calling themselves photographers. At least some of these guys bothered to buy a low end DSLR to keep up appearances.

You mean to tell me that these girls have invested $200,000 in their modeling careers? The worst example are the "models" that will get naked for a complete stranger in a hotel room, and let him take pictures for $50/hr, and call it a paying modeling job.

In this environment to make a statement that models don't pay photographers is ludicrous. There is plenty of work for the photographer with a portrait studio who will shoot a starting portfolio for an aspiring model for a reasonable fee.

This brings me to shoots:

From a photographers point of view, there are 2 schools of thought:

1. Pay me for professional pictures if you want a professional look in your book.

2. Spend the time posing for me, so that I may get the images I need for my stock book, or pure art, and you will get professional pictures for your book.

There is a fine line between a photographer and a GWC, and for me it's pretty simple: Your images speak for themselves. You don't need 40K of equipment to take a good picture. If you are a good photographer, you can take a good picture, period. (Although I will argue that you do need the right tools for the right job).

Not every photographer out there is a professional, and there are many amateurs who will do , or will pay the model for their time to build a body of work.

In my case, I am a "semi-pro", which means I make money in photography, but not my living. I never charge a model, and will always pay a model if I am getting paid (commercial job). If I am shooting stock, or personal projects, I will use a model. I will always ask her what she needs for her book, and will always try to get her the shots that she need.

is a great way for a beginner model to add to her book, an amateur photographer to build a body of work, and for a pro (semi-pro) to add to their stock library or to work on personal projects.

All that said, all parties involved still have to act professional. If you are an aspiring model, respect the photographer's time / experience / equipment investment by showing up. If you are a photographer, respect the model's time by showing up and taking the best pictures possible, and of course make sure that the model gets her pictures in a timely matter.

I would love to hear model's oppinions on this.
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