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Originally Posted by BigCatPhotography
I have the chance to make a serious upgrade on equipment. My choices are either a Nikon D40 or Canon Digital Rebel XT. Is there an advantage of one over the other
Since you are on a budget, And Nikon and Canon are on your short list...

Look at the Nikon D80 (mid tier DSLR, Optical Pentaprism, Better AF and faster focusing than Entry level. V-Fast start up time (1/10s)...Body with 18-135 DX lens is $800.00 now at most retailers.

You can get VR glass too at good prices..Nikon has a good selection of mid level VR glass too.

I was a Canon user (XTi) but, My next DSLR will be a Nikon D80. Not sure on the glass yet..but $300-$500 will buy decent VR glass with a good zoom range as a one lens kit to start.

$1,000.00 will get a great D80 and Good Glass as first DSLR upgrade.

Just my thoughts