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What the heck...

I see this is still a young forum. I belong to a few and although I am new to this one, I am not new to the profession. I shoot mainly weddings and childern but I am trying to step up my model work. So here I am kicking it off with this one I shot two years ago. Let me know what you think.
What the heck... 
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Well three things I'd like to say about this one.

1) *&$^%^$ why don't I have locations like this if Florida!!!!!!

2) Great shot of the falls, beautiful timed exposure, too bad there's someone blocking the view....

3) If the girl was the focus of the photo she kind of gets lost in this small rendition of the image, I suppose in a 16X20 poster she'd be recognizable. I'd have liked to have seen a closer shot of the model or a landscape shot without her.

Anyway my .02 and welcome to the Forum
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I agree with Raven 100%.

Fantastic location and landscape shot!

The focus of the image is not the model, she's an accessory in this shot. A very nice accessory, but not the focus . . . the setting overwhelms her . . . Fill the frame with the model and have that wonderful waterfall fill in behind her . . .

BTW, where is that spot? Would love to work there!

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I also love the timed exposure, and the setting. The only thing I would change in this image is the crop. The model being smack in the middle of the frame makes is a bit static and not pleasing to the eye (My Eye).

This is how I see it:

Just is just my opinion...
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Thanks guys...I see this as well....the intention of this shot is not the model but rather the location. I'm from Norhtern Ontario and this was shot in my backyard, so to speak. This was also my second ever photo shoot with a model. I was also three years ago. I do have many others with better crops..lol...this is just the one I had found at the time. thanks for the welcome.
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Great background, almost looks like a digital background. THere is one who commented on cropping. That is what I would be concerned with. Although don't know if you did many shots at different lengths. Where was this?

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