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I am amazed at the photographers that continue to perpetuate this problem, by kowtowing to models. "Gosh we can't charge them to come to the photo shootout, they won't come!"

It is time photographers banded together and just said no! If you aren't a model who wants to work together to make some great pictures, and be as respectful of the photographer's time as he/she is of yours, then don't bother contacting us.

TF* is a PAID job! Both of you are contributing and paying each other. both of you should give it your all.

I doubt that 98% of the models on MM have invested $500.00 in their modeling career. Sure they buy a few clothes, but I bet they wear them out to parties and the beach. I can't remember when the last time is I went surfing with a camera.

All of my paying clients give a release for use as self promotion. Otherwise, I don't shoot them for my rates. If someone has a real special reason to not want to be in my portfolio, then they will pay an extra charge.

For glamour and boudoir clients, I don't have the automatic release, due to the personal nature of that type of image.

ALL TF* models sign a full release. I can't spend time finding them, if they move, or their grandma dies (again) or they drop their MM account, so it there is an opportunity to license an image for profit, I am covered. It happens very rarely.

Now if you make an agreement with a model for say web content, then you can offer any split that makes sense to you. 50/50 does NOT make sense to me, unless she really is contributing 50%.. That would mean, that in addition for being the subject, that she either spends time or money getting the site set up, posting the images, collecting and banking the fees through a properly set up account, paying the taxes, etc.

For a TF* session, I bring the camera, tripod, lights and stands, backgrounds, sometimes studio, location scouting. I expect the model to provide the subject, wardrobe, make up and hair and fingernails done and appropriate jewelry. In other words, be ready to be photographed.

After that, I spend time editing and refining the images, color and contrast, cropping, and maybe some minor retouching. I don't want to have to spend hours retouching fingernails, tattoos, scabs and scars, I didn't know about.

I can do amazing things with Photoshop, like trim a tummy, swap heads and replace backgrounds, do paintery effects, but I don't want to do that for free, unless it interests me.

Now if I go to a model and propose a specific look, set and treatment and she agrees to model TF* for images, then she gets the full image with all the artwork as that was the point of the shoot in the first place. It is it just a standard, say head shot TF*, and she comes back saying she wants this and that done, then I say, "Sure my rates are $XX.XX per hour."

The internet modeling world is very different than the real world of professional photography, either private portraits or commercial use of models.

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