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Looking for input

I have the chance to make a serious upgrade on equipment. My choices are either a Nikon D40 or Canon Digital Rebel XT. Is there an advantage of one over the other
Dave of Big Cat Photography
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If you want to get a serious upgrade ... Nikon D300
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Lets say upgrade on a budget. I want to get better, but cant shoot for the stars yet
Dave of Big Cat Photography
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The decision you have to make is which glass you want to go with. The camera bodies change quickly, and you will be upgrading them often. The glass will remain with you for years.

I started in digital in the Nikon realm. First I was using the D70, and then upgraded to d200. I am glad that I have not made a big investment in to Nikon glass, since after a while I realized that there is a lens from Canon that I just cant live with out. So I had to sell off all my Nikon stuff, and got me all Canon Stuff, body and lenses.

It would have been much easier if I was using Canon all along, because all I would have had to do is change my body.

In my opinion Canon makes better equipment, although Nikon makes great stuff too.

All that said, I have used both the XTi and the D40, and I think that the D40 is a toy, and you should stay away. Nikon makes some great cameras but the D40 is just not one of them. It's a cheap piece of plastic with a cheap lens. On the other hand the XTi is a nice entry level DSLR.

BUT do not buy the XTi! Canon is about to ship the XSi, which is a major improvement over the XTi. 12 Pixies, 3rd generation processor, 3 inch screen, automatic dust removal.... This thing is going to be sweet.

Hope this helps.
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Canon Lover Here

I started with a Nikon and I have to state up front that I didn't really use it very long. One of the lens elements inside the lens came loose after about 6 months. I switched to Canon and have been very happy every since.
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Here we go again

you might find some help at this site as far as Nikon vs Canon I switched to Nikon from Minolta in 1991 and haven't had any of the problems listed above, I tend to buy used high end cameras so that might be the reason. Nikon is the only company that has never made a change to the lens mount that is so drastic that new glass is required.

I actually like Sigma glass better than Nikkor but mostly its just the way they "feel" to me.
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Another in the Canon camp

I share a studio with a Nikon shooter . . . .

We often have open shoots with up to 10 photographers at a time . . .

I love my Canon glass . . . . and that is where most of my money has gone

I'd go Canon, but have nothing bad to say about Nikons . . . if you have a mentor or photographer that you ask questions of most, and respect their answers, this may be a tipping point as well . . . if he/she speaks Canon or Nikon, this may be a factor!

Happy shopping!

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Originally Posted by BigCatPhotography
I have the chance to make a serious upgrade on equipment. My choices are either a Nikon D40 or Canon Digital Rebel XT. Is there an advantage of one over the other
Since you are on a budget, And Nikon and Canon are on your short list...

Look at the Nikon D80 (mid tier DSLR, Optical Pentaprism, Better AF and faster focusing than Entry level. V-Fast start up time (1/10s)...Body with 18-135 DX lens is $800.00 now at most retailers.

You can get VR glass too at good prices..Nikon has a good selection of mid level VR glass too.

I was a Canon user (XTi) but, My next DSLR will be a Nikon D80. Not sure on the glass yet..but $300-$500 will buy decent VR glass with a good zoom range as a one lens kit to start.

$1,000.00 will get a great D80 and Good Glass as first DSLR upgrade.

Just my thoughts
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I am coming in a bit late and the purchase has likely been made, but I will respond for the sake of others that may come along....

Nikon vs. Canon is one of the most widely discussed topics in any photo forum. This discussion is also the most pointless discussions on any photo forums.

I agree with some things mentioned. For example, your choice of which brand to buy should include a consideration of the system. That includes lenses, strobes, accessories, etc.

I completely disagree with other comments. For example, To call the Nikon D40 a toy and then not say the same about a Rebel is funny. They are BOTH toys. Neither one of these bodies is going to be with you long. They are built for a market that will not be using it heavily. The bodies are built on very light frames. There is much more to a body than the sensor.

Canon and Nikon both make excellent equipment. They have similar lines in terms of camera builds. The both have low end consumer cameras, mid range advanced amateur bodies, basic pro (or high end amateur) and the high end pro bodies. The lens lines are also pretty much similar. They both have a range of lenses in good, better, best spaces. There is no lens Canon makes that Nikon does not have as well. This is true in primes and zooms.

What SHOULD make your descision as to what body to use it your personal taste. What "feels" right in your hand? What menu system is more intuative to you? etc. I would go and check the physical bodies. Hold them and see which one works best for you. Either brand is perfectly capable of excellent images.

DO NOT get caught up in what I call "tech hype" and "forum hype". By not getting caught up in "tech hype" I mean.... Don't get hung up on whether one brand is 12MP vs. 10MP. One shoots at 4.5 frames per second and the other shoots at 4 frames per second. Etc. By "internet hype" I mean that you should not get caught up in generalities and common myths that tend to evolve in forums. For example, brand x shoots with no noise while brand y is noisy. Brand x makes lousy lenses. etc.

If you want opinion, I am a Nikon shooter. I would not shift to Canon for anything. That's just my personal taste. It means absolutely nothing to a Canon shooter. I like the Nikon bodies for many reasons. One big one was mentioned. The Nikon F-Mount has not changed in 50 years. That means I can mount virtually any lens Nikon has ever made on my digital body. Right now, that may not mean anything to you starting out, but when you get into "your style" you might want to try some shots with a specific lens. I also love the ergonimics of the bodies. I've been shooting Nikon for nearly 20 years now.

Now, I would look into a slightly better body. Even if that means buying USED. Yes I said that. I would rather see you buy a used mid range body like a Nikon D200 (I am a Nikon Shooter) and get yourself some decent glass to start with. You can find a used D200 for about $650 on ebay all day. You will be FAR more satisfied with a mid range body. Particularly if you want to get into shooting models on a regular basis. Build up from there.

Hope this helps.....
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